AVA Patch Notes

Train Job Patch Notes

Live Date: September 20, 2017

During server maintenance on Wednesday, September 20th at 4 p.m. PDT (11 p.m. UTC), En Masse will deploy the Train Job update for AVA. Expected downtime is two hours.

Patch Notes


New Escape Mode Map = E-Train
  • Players will defend a point from waves of enemies

Fortune Star Season 11

  • Jackpot XM8 Sci-Fi
  • Kriss Sci-Fi V
  • X95R Sci-Fi
  • AKS-74U Sci-Fi
  • G36 Sci-Fi
  • HK416 Sci-Fi
  • TPG1 Sci-Fi
  • SVDM Sci-Fi
  • M40A5 Sci-Fi
  • M67 Sci-Fi (2+ Bonus)
  • Ginny, the Sci-Fi (3+ Bonus)
  • Chainsaw Sci-Fi (6+ Bonus)
  • M39Ra Sci-Fi (9+ Bonus)

Capsule Shop

Added new items to the Capsule Shop
    M4 SOPMOD Block II
    Chance to obtain one of the following:
  • M4 SOPMOD Block II (Perm)
  • FNC Panther (Perm)
  • X95R Ultimate Panther (Perm)
  • AWM Panther (Perm)
  • Euro's
    Duel Uzi Remake Box
    Chance to obtain one of the following:
  • Duel Uzi Remake (Perm)
  • Euro's


Added new items to the Shop
  • XM2010 CyberPunk
  • K-14

misc. updates

  • Changed Open Schedule for Death Valley from Mon, Tues, Fri to Mon, Tues, Fri, and Sat
  • Added background UI when thrown or other slot items has been selected
  • Updated ARENA Reward Box to HKPSG1 A2
  • Removed Penalty of clicks to FG42 and SA58 Para weapons