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Red and Blue Key Daily Login Reward

Log in each day from April 25 — May 1st for a Blue and Red Key each day!

Login Event

With the wrong items being released in the March update for the Last Man Standing Treasure Chests, we have corrected this problem in our April Update!

Log into AVA each day, starting Tuesday, April 25 12:00 am PDT and ending on Monday, May 1 11:59 pm PDT, and you’ll receive 1 Blue Key AND 1 Red Key — absolutely free!

UTC Time:

Tuesday, April 25 07:00 am UTC - Tuesday, May 2 06:59 am UTC

Check out what AVA has waiting for you:

Login Reward

April 25 - May 1 1x Blue Key
1x Red Key

Mark your calendars, set your alarms, do whatever it takes—but make sure you log in. If you skip a day, that day’s rewards will be forever lost!