AVA November 2016 Update!

PATCH NOTES, Steam Funk 3/28

Live Date: March 28, 2017

During server maintenance on Tuesday, March 28 at 7 a.m. PDT (3 p.m. GMT), En Masse will deploy the Steam FUnk update for AVA. Expected downtime is two hours.

Patch Notes


  • Reopen Last Man Standing Mode
    • voice chat available in Last Man Standing
    • added Last Man Standing Treasure Boxes (Blue and Red)
      • Blue Treasure Boxes have a chance to reward permanent versions of:
        • XCR Constellation
        • Galil MAR Constellation
        • Wrench Pioneer
        • SAW GUN LastMan
      • Red Treasure Boxes have a chance to reward permanent versions of:
        • General Rooster
        • XCR Constellation
        • Galil MAR Constellation
        • Wrench Pioneer
        • Watermelon Bar
        • SAW GUN LastMan
        • TPG-1 Constellation
      • Blue and Red Treasure Keys can be obtained from the following modes in Quick Match:
        • Annihilation&AIAnnihilation
        • Escape
        • AI Escort
        • Last Man Standing
  • Removal of Last Team Standing
  • Breach/Escort Mode improvement

    • Reduce the repair time (1 person) from 10 seconds to 8 seconds
    • expanded maximum repair capacity to 5
    • Field Manual item effect for only up to 2 people
    • Players who repair will now recieve 1 point as an assist type, while the last person to repair will earn 2 points
    • Added a surrender system

    Fortune Star Season 9

    • Jackpot R93 Dr.Steam's Cannon
    • MP5SD5 Dr.Steam
    • AUG A2 Dr.Steam
    • XM2010 Dr. Steam
    • DSR-1 Dr.Steam
    • OTS-14 Dr.Steam
    • M4A1 Dr.Steam
    • XCR Dr.Steam
    • Striker 12 Dr.Steam
    • M67 Dr.Steam (2+ Bonus)
    • Rapier Dr.Steam (3+ Bonus)
    • Auto 9 Dr.Steam (6+ Bonus)
    • Dr. Priest Steam (9+ Bonus)

    Capsule Shop

    Added new items to the Capsule Shop

    • G36 Mastery Box


    Added new items to the AVA Store, including:

    • Demolition Mission Booster
    • Reduces time for installation and defusal of C4 explosive in Demolition Mission
    • Escort Mission Booster
    • Reduce tank repair time and loading RPG-7 in Escort Mission
    • Annihilation Mission Booster
    • Reduce respawn time and invincible time in Annihilation Mission
    • Mission Booster Package
    • Demolition, Escort, and Annihilation Mission Booster Package

    Micellaneous Changes

    • Seperated chat tabs for Arena (ARENA Tab -> Finding Party), Party invitation improvements, Added RT rating
    • added tooltip in Graphic seetings
    • QM Server UI Improvements
      • Removed Recommended items
      • expanded space for mode selection
    • Added Red key/Blue key to rewards for Annihilation&AI Annihilation/Escape/AI Escort/Last Man Standing

    Bug fixes

    • Fixed an issue with smokes going transparent when using certain programs
    • Fixed an issue where player in Under-Fast are able to get up on top of buildings