Introducing the Monthly Weapon Crate!

Monthly Weapon Crate for April

When the Easter Bunny comes, make sure you’re loaded for bear!

Monthly Weapon Crate

April's weapon crate includes a trio of permanent items taken out of the Blue Ticket Vault, as well as 30-day versions of all your must-have armor, boosts, and add-ons. Welcome Spring with these unavailable Blue Ticket guns, as well as a 30-day Easter grenade:

  • Spectre Tauben (Permanent, Point Man)
  • Robinson XCR Kraken (Permanent, Rifleman)
  • MSG Borte Chino (Permanent, Sniper)

In addition to the above weapons, the April weapon crate also contains the following 30-day items:

  • Easter Grenade
  • 14 Armor Package
  • Euro Boost
  • Double Booster
  • Exp Boost
  • Smart Aim
  • Arms Upgrade

Pick up all these items at a cool 50 percent off of their regular prices, only as part of the AVA monthly weapon crate.