Mode Master

Master the Modes, October 4–17

AVA Invites You to Master Four Challenging Game Modes

Mode Master

This October, AVA challenges you to charge headlong into the thick of battle with an all-new game-mode event!

Between October 4 and 17, you’ll earn rewards by completing five matches in each of four specially selected modes:

  • Play 5 Annihilation Matches = 30,000 EURO
  • Play 5 Demolition Matches = Increase Magazine (7 Days)
  • Play 5 Escape Matches = Euro Boost (7 Days)
  • Play 5 Escort Matches = XP Boost (7 Days)

Bonus Reward! Complete all four of the Mode Master objectives listed above and you’ll pick up 50 Red Tickets.

The Mode Master event runs until Monday, October 17.

Your rewards will be delivered during regular maintenance on Tuesday, October 11 for the objectives you completed the first week and again during maintenance on Tuesday, October 18 for the objectives you completed during the second week.

Lock and load, people!