Mode Master

Master the Modes, December 13–20

AVA Invites You to Master Five Challenging Game Modes

Mode Master

This December, AVA challenges you back into the thick of battle with the Master the Modes event!

Between December 13 and 20, you’ll earn rewards by completing five matches in each of five specially selected modes:

  • Play 5 Annihilation Matches = Double Booster (15 Days)
  • Play 5 Demolition Matches = 20,000 Euros
  • Play 5 Escort Matches = Panzer Shovel (30 Days)
  • Play 5 Convoy Matches = BonBon Bleu (30 Days)
  • Play 5 Domination Matches = Rudolf Winter Cap (30 Days)

Bonus Reward! Complete all five of the Mode Master objectives listed above and you’ll pick up the 50 Red Tickets.

The Mode Master event runs until Tuesday, December 20th at 7:00 am PST (3:00 pm GMT).

Your rewards will be delivered after December 20th for the objectives you completed. So check back on this post to know when the rewards have been given out!

Lock and load, people!