Login Event

Log in this Holiday for Great Rewards

Log in each day December 20 to January 2 for in-game rewards!

Login Event

We’re getting out ahead of our Holiday season with a login event spanning two entire weeks!

Just log into AVA each day, starting Tuesday, December 20th and ending on Monday, January 2, and you’ll receive that day’s reward—absolutely free!

Check out what AVA has waiting for you:

Login Rewards: Week 1

Dec 20 14 Armor Package (7 Days)
Dec 21 Potato Masher (7 Days)
Dec 22 Double Booster (3 Days)
Dec 23 General Rooster (7 Days)
Dec 24 MP5SD5 Sulfur (7 Days)
AK-47 Nobility (7 Days)
FR-F2 Legend (7 Days)
Dec 25 Santa Hat (30 Days)
Dec 26 Arms Upgrade (7 Days)

Login Rewards: Week 2

Dec 27 14 Armor Package (7 Days)
Dec 28 Beer Stein (7 Days)
Dec 29 Double Booster (3 Days)
Dec 30 Holy Mackerel (7 Days)
Dec 31 M1903A1 (7 Days)
UMP45 Beware (7 Days)
MK 20.Proto SSR (7 Days)
Jan 1 Firecracker Grenade (30 Days)
Jan 2 Smart Aim (7 Days)

The AVA Login Event starts December 20th, 2016...but remember: If you skip a day, you’ll miss out on that day’s rewards!