Login Event

Log In Daily for Hot AVA Rewards

Log in each day from March 13—26 for in-game rewards!

Login Event

It’s time for another login rewards event: two full weeks of great in-game rewards just for logging in!

Log into AVA each day, starting Monday, March 13 and ending on Sunday, March 26, and you’ll receive that day’s reward—absolutely free!

Check out what AVA has waiting for you:

Login Rewards: Week 1

March 13 Double Booster (3 Days)
March 14 Colt SAA Skilled (7 Days)
AK-47 Lion (7 Days)
Mosin Nagant (7 Days)
March 15 14 Armor Package (7 Days)
March 17 Glock21C Lucky (30 Days)
March 18 Hamburger Tray (15 Days)
March 19 Arms Upgrade (7 Days)

Login Rewards: Week 2

March 20 Double Booster (3 Days)
March 21 AK-12 CXT (7 Days)
FR-F2 Opal (7 Days)
M14 DMR (7 Days)
March 22 14 Armor Package (7 Days)
March 23 15 Red Tickets
March 24 Glock21C Success (30 Days)
March 25 Rapier (15 Days)
March 26 Arms Upgrade (7 Days)

Mark your calendars, set your alarms, do whatever it takes—but make sure you log in. If you skip a day, that day’s rewards will be forever lost!

UPDATE: We will be awarding 15 Red Tickets for the March 23 login reward to make up for missed Red Ticket rewards on March 16. Thank you for your patience while we identified the issue!