Introducing the Monthly Weapon Crate!

Introducing the Monthly Weapon Crate!

Get fresh gear the first Thursday of every month.

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Announcing the debut of the AVA Monthly Weapon Crate!

On the first Thursday of each month (starting today!), we're offering a weapon crate for purchase loaded with 30-day versions of the following armor, boosters, and add-ons at 50 percent off their regular prices:

  • 14 Armor Package
  • Euro Boost
  • Double Booster
  • Exp Boost
  • Smart Aim
  • Arms Upgrade

The crates also contain 30-day weapons from AVA's armory of unreleased or currently unavailable weaponry, and a currently unavailable, 30-day character. February’s crate contains the following hand-picked items from some vintage mega-capsules:

  • KAC PDW Guardian (Pointman)
  • AK-12 Unit 01 (Rifleman)
  • M40A5 Warhorse (Sniper)
  • Ahmed Tigerstripe skin

Next month, we’ll have a new weapon crate for you, with weapons, character skins, armor packages, boosters...the whole nine yards! Each month's crate is only available until 10 a.m. PST on the last day of the month, so be sure to snatch up a monthly weapon crate for yourself before it's gone for good!