Mode Master

Clear Missions, Earn Rewards!

Earn additional rewards for completing weekly missions.

Mode Master

This January, earn extra rewards in the Mission Clear event by completing maps, scenarios, and objectives!

Each week (starting Monday, January 10, and ending Monday, January 30 at 7 a.m. PST), complete the missions below and receive the listed rewards. If you complete all four missions in a given week, you’ll get a bonus reward of 20 red tickets!

Do you have what it takes to get the job done?

Week 1: January 10-16 [Rewards Delivered]

Objective Reward
Complete Hammer Blow map x2
Complete Fox Hunting map x2
K1A2 Skilled (7 days)
Complete Scorpion map x2
Complete Storm Blitz map x2
OTS-14 Skilled (7 days)
Complete Cold Case map x2
Complete Shilin Market map x2
FR-F2 Skilled (7 days)
Complete Overrider scenario x2
Complete AVA Train scenario x2
Chocolate Grenade (7 days)

Week 2: January 17-23

Objective Reward
Daily Login (from Jan 17 - Jan 23) TPG1 Spaceship (7 days)
Win 10 Matches (total for the week) UMP45 Spaceship (7 days)
Playtime 60 minutes daily (from Jan 18 - Jan 23) AMD65 Spaceship (7 days)
100 Total Kills (between Jan 17-Jan 23) Smart Aim (7 days)

Week 1: January 24-30

Objective Reward
Complete Aslan map x2
Complete Cannon map x2
UMP45 Beware (7 days)
Play QuickMatch Fury x5 M4A1 Carbon (7 days)
Complete Dock map x2
Complete Barricade map x2
Kar98K Jager (7 days)
VSS Cannon (7 days)
Kar98K Raijin (7 days)
Complete Death Valley scenario x2
Complete Lockdown scenario x2
Ice Cream Cone (7 days)

The Mission Clear event runs until Monday, January 30 at 7 a.m. PST (3 p.m. GMT), so be sure and log in every day to complete your missions.

Lock and load, people!