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AVA Awesome Avatar Contest

Put your mark on the forums in the Awesome Avatar Contest!

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UPDATE: We've changed the due date for submissions from Tuesday, May 2, to Tuesday, May 16, to get more submissions from players. In addition to this, we've increased prizes and added some rules clarifications.

Introducing the AVA Awesome Avatar Contest! From Wednesday, April 12 until Tuesday, May 16, we’ll be accepting submissions for a new batch of forum avatars.

Then, on Wednesday, May 17, we’ll reveal the Top 10 avatars and a community vote will run until Wednesday, May 10 to determine the five best avatars, and those will be added to the forums, for all to use.

The creators of the Top 5 community-chosen avatars will each receive 1,200 EMP, a permanent M4A1 Graffiti, plus a special bordered version of their avatar so that all forum-goers will know their artistic prowess for all time. The five runner-ups will each receive 500 EMP.

Here’s how to participate:

  1. Submit your avatar design via email to community@enmasse.com with the subject line “AVA Awesome Avatar Contest.”
  2. Avatars must be AVA-related.
  3. Avatars must be original. This means:
    • Avatars that are simply pictures of in-game items WILL NOT be eligible.
    • Avatars that are cropped versions of our own or other game's marketing materials WILL NOT be eligible.
    • In-game screenshots WILL be eligible, but put some effort into your cropping!
    • Original, AVA-themed art will always be prioritized higher than anything else.
  4. Submissions must be sized 100 by 100 pixels, in .JPG or .PNG format.
  5. Submissions must include your character and forum name, in order for you to receive a prize.
  6. Your entry must be received by Tuesday, May 2 at 11:59 a.m. PDT.
  7. Standard EME contest rules apply.