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Choose your weapon...and we’ll put ‘em on sale!

Player's Choice

Calling all soldiers! We’ve been gathering intel on your favorite weapons of war and we’re just about ready to make them available for purchase in the AVA Web Shop.

Before the sale can begin, we need your input. Let us know which items you’re most excited to add to your armory, so we can put them to a vote!

From Wednesday, January 25 through Wednesday, February 15, we’ll be tallying votes to determine which weapons you like most from the following categories:

  • Favorite Grenade Winners!
    • Potato Masher
      Potato Masher
    • MK3A2 Red Wine
      MK3A2 Red Wine
    • Chocolate Bomb
      Chocolate Bomb
  • Favorite Melee Weapon Winners!
    • Holy Mackerel
      Chocolate Bomb
    • Jason's Chainsaw
      Chocolate Bomb
    • Harpoon Dragoon
      Chocolate Bomb
  • Favorite Gun Winners!
    • Arisaka
    • Mk.20 SSR Proto
      Mk.20 SSR Proto
    • Mosin Nagant Or Noveau
      Mosin Nagant Or Noveau

Voting is now CLOSED. The top three weapons from each category are listed above. On February 22, those top three items will go on sale in the AVA web store!