Welcome to En Masse!

En Masse is the new publisher for AVA in North America and Europe. We are really excited about servicing AVA and we hope you are too!

You probably have some questions about what this change means for you. Check out the question and answers below for more information:

When will En Masse begin publishing AVA?

En Masse will take over publishing AVA in North America and Europe by the end of August 2016.

Will I maintain my progress and purchases?

En Masse is working with Red Duck Inc. and Aeria Games to facilitate transfer of player characters to the new service run by En Masse. Character progress and any items you have unlocked or purchased on your account will carry over. Your existing real-money currency (AP) balance will not carry over, however.

We will announce more details and specifics around character transfer in the next couple weeks.

Will the game be inaccessible at any point during the publisher switch?

The game may be subject to some downtime during the transition. We are trying to minimize downtime during the transition as best we can, however.

How will the betas work?

En Masse will host two betas in the lead-up to re-launching AVA: a short closed beta and a longer open beta. Existing AVA players can create a free En Masse account at to be eligible to participate in the betas. En Masse will choose beta participants from the sign-ups on this page.

AVA has been released for years, why are you having a beta?

The closed beta will test integration of AVA with En Masse's existing services. It's during this beta we will verify that our game client distribution, game launcher, and server infrastructure are functioning correctly and identify opportunities to optimize them. We'll also be deploying new content to the game for the closed beta. Access to the closed beta will be limited to a select group of players who will be notified via email of their acceptance into the beta.

The open beta will run longer and allow us to test our services under more load and develop supporting game features like a web-based clan system and web store. The open beta will also contain a game update.

Once we are confident in our service level and we have all the planned features in place, AVA will officially re-launch. The launch will be marked by a sizeable game content update and is expected to occur in the late Summer/early Fall.

Specific details about new content and dates for beta testing will be released in the coming weeks.

What are your plans around multi-language support?

The game itself will be available in four languages starting at closed beta: English, German, French, and Spanish. However, our web site and game support are only available in English for the time being.

Where are the En Masse-hosted AVA servers located?

En Masse will have game servers in North America and Europe to optimize game performance in those regions. The North American server will be located in Chicago, and the European server will be located in Germany.

What are your plans for anti-cheat?

We will continue to use XIGNCODE3 as an anti-cheat solution. We will be working with Red Duck Inc. and Wellbia to optimize the program for AVA. It is very important to us to have a fair game environment for our players.

We also have a very strict “no tolerance” policy for cheating. Players who are caught cheating will be permanently banned from accessing our service.

Will AVA still be available on Steam?

Yes! Starting with the open beta test, you will be able to download and run AVA through Steam using your En Masse account.

However, AVA will have a new AppID on Steam when it changes publishers. If you are currently playing AVA through Steam, you will need to re-download and re-install AVA to access the new game version.

We will notify players when the new Steam page is available.