What is AVA?

AVA is a fast-paced, free-to-play team FPS with nearly a decade of history and a global community with millions of players.


Join the Alliance of Valiant Arms and enter the fray alongside the dwindling EU forces or a new Russian regime (NRF).

Customize Your Combat

AVA’s classes let you match three great playstyles to the optimal weapons for the job, and then further customize your combat with character skins, armor, and weapon mods!

Player vs. Player

Whether you like sneaking around the flank or a head-long bull rush, AVA offers a huge variety of PvP combat modes across more than 30 map locales.

Player vs. Artificial Intelligence

AVA also offers awesome PvE modes, where players can challenge increasingly difficult AI opponents.

More More More!

We’re adding more maps and more modes with the relaunch of AVA and will release more content on a regular basis.