New Player's Guide

This guide is intended to turn new players into seasoned veterans without all the “trial-and-error” that usually come with checking out a new game.

Let’s get you started!

Create a Character

The first time you log into AVA, you’ll be asked to create your character. Choose from one of the default faces, then enter your preferred character name in the box, and click the “Create” button.

Play the Tutorial

The tutorial will explain AVA’s user interface and give you your first taste of combat.

If you don’t want to run the tutorial right away—maybe so you can customize your game settings—just hit ESC to go to AVA’s Main Menu. When you’re ready to play the tutorial, just click on the “Tutorial” button.

Claim Your Rewards

New players get a little boost to help you jump into the game that much faster. If you have rewards coming, you should see a popup window. Just click “Confirm” to claim your stuff!

Choose Your Server

By default, your server should be set to your region (North America or Europe). If you wish to change, click on “Change Server.”

Choose Your Channel

Next, choose the channel where you want to play. The first few times you play, you should probably stick to the Beginner’s Channel. It’s a good way to gain EXP and Euros as well as get familiar with the various game modes and maps.

Create or Join a Room

If there are already rooms to play, jump right in by double-clicking on the room name (or clicking on “Quick Join”). In the Beginner’s Channel, the default room is the [AI] Cold Case room—and that’s a great place to experience actual PvP in the game.

To create your own room, click on “Create Room” and choose a game mode (Demolition, Annihilation, and so on), then select the map you want to play on. Note that some maps have equipment restrictions.

Check Your Inventory

If you ever want to further customize your character, to click on the “Inventory” button in the game lobby. From inventory, you can swap out your weapons, equip new gear, and even drop by the Shop to pick up new gear.

Remember you have three different types of character—Point Man, Rifleman, and Sniper—and their weapon and gear choices are a little different. Use F1, F2, and F3 to switch between them and customize them. To learn more about the strengths and weaknesses of each class, head on over to the class guide.