Game Modes

AVA matches pit the military forces of the European Union (EU) and the Neo-Russian Federation (NRF) in teams against each other in a variety of military exercises. In all but a few cases, players are sorted randomly into one of the two factions for the duration of the match.

AVA has four player-vs-player and one player-vs-computer categories of missions:


Annihilation matches are fast-paced, brutal slugfests where both sides seek to eliminate the other and accumulate points toward a set goal (typically 120 points, or the highest score within 20 minutes). Players score a point for every kill, and in a mechanic unique to Annihilation matches, an additional point for every three dog tags collected from fallen players of either faction. This bonus point contributes to a player’s personal Tactics score)

Map knowledge is key in Annihilation, as are quick reflexes and good aim. There are four Annihilation variants:

AI—Adds in artificial-intelligent (computer-controlled) combatants when insufficient numbers of live players are available.

Sniper—Indoor maps for snipers only.

Airborne—Players parachute into the map at the start of the match, picking their starting spots (and even when to stop parachuting)!

Melee—Players can only use melee weapons like knives, clubs, and swords.

Annihilation maps include:

  • Cold Case
  • Pyramid
  • Dock
  • Castle Rock
  • Chromite
  • Anaconda
  • Snake Eye
  • Blind Eagle
  • Township
  • Shilin Market
  • Barricade
  • Gallery (Sniper-only)
  • Museum (Sniper-only)
  • Windmill (Sniper-only)
  • Port (Airborne)
  • Castle (Airborne)
  • Stadium (Melee)

Special Warfare

Special warfare missions pit players directly against one another to achieve mutually exclusive goals. There are four types of special warfare missions, spread across a variety of maps.


In Demolition, the EU team has two C4 charges to place at strategic locations on the map within a time limit. Players must secure a charge, bring it successfully to the target, arm it, then defend it from attacking NRF players attempting to disarm it before time runs out.

Alternately, either side can kill all the opposing players to win the round as players don’t respawn during the match. Demolition matches are played to a set number of rounds (typically seven wins for a side).

Demolition Maps include:

  • Showdown
  • Hell Hound
  • India
  • Cannon
  • Black Scent
  • Dual Sight
  • Hammer Blow
  • Fox Hunting
  • Supply
  • Slim Fox


In this Demolition variant, EU players attempt to set C4 charges on a large power plant map, the difference being that every EU player starts with a C4 charge already equipped. Like Demolition, NRF players must defend the target areas, defuse any planted charges before time runs out, or kill all EU players to win.


In Convoy missions, EU players attempt to secure a nuclear warhead from the NRF, located in a safe deep within enemy territory. Once acquired, the EU must then return it to an extraction point before time runs out. NRF players defend the warhead.

Like Demolition, players don’t respawn, so either side can kill all the opposing players to win the round. Convoy matches are played to a set number of rounds (typically seven wins for a side).

Convoy maps include:

  • Runaway
  • Break Out
  • SKUA


In Escape missions, any one of the EU players must reach and board a waiting boat before time runs out.

Players don’t respawn, so either side can kill all the opposing players to win the round. Escape matches are played to a set number of rounds (typically seven wins for a side).

Escape maps include:

  • E-Boat
  • E-Space

Military Drill

Military Drills encompass three mission types, each with its own unique challenges.


In this mode, there are no teams. Every player is your enemy, and all of you are trying to reach a pre-set score to win before time runs out. If no players reaches the goal, the player with the highest score wins. There are health packs scattered around the map to get you back into the fight, but one wrong step can be your last!

Free-For-All maps include:

  • Break Out
  • Fox Hunting

Cross Steal

In Cross Steal, both factions have decided the only way to win is to bring about global destruction, and launch as many nuclear missiles as possible before time runs out. The first team to launch five missiles wins.

Each faction has one nuclear launch key, which spawns in their starting area. Players must infiltrate enemy territory, steal the other faction’s key, and bring it back to their base. Both keys are necessary to launch a missile, and if a player carrying a key is killed, the key will drop to the ground and remain there for a few seconds before respawning in its original base.

A player can also intentionally drop a key by pressing [5] to bring it out, then [G] to discard it.

Free-For-All (FFA) maps include:

  • Blind Eagle
  • Conveyor


In Domination, the EU and NRF factions battle for control of map points. Capturing and holding a control point fills the domination gauge, and the first team to fill their gauge wins the round.

To secure a control point, approach it, then press and hold [E] to fill the gauge. Opposing players can attempt to secure the point at the same time—but not if they’re dead!

Domination maps include:

  • Blazing Fort


In Escort missions, the EU’s goal is to defend and escort their tank to a target location as fast as possible, while NRF forces attempt to destroy it (or the opposing team) with rocket-powered grenades (RPG-7s). Matches last two rounds, with players switching sides in between. The winner of a match is the team whose tank gets the farthest, or reaches the target area in the least amount of time.

There are several special features of escort missions, unique to each faction.

EU: Players walk alongside a tank to move it through town. While doing so, they can board the tank to use its machine gun on NRF forces (press [E] to mount/dismount, aim and fire as if using an equipped weapon). If the tank is damaged by enemy fire, they can repair it (press and hold [E]).

NRF: There are weapons lockers scattered around the map containing RPG-7s. Face a box, press [E] to open, then [G] to equip an RPG-7 as your primary weapon. To use the grenade launcher, right-click to enter aim mode, then left-click to fire at a target. The RPG-7 reloads automatically after each shot.

There is a variant mode of Escort called Breach, with different tank routes, faster RPG-7s, and instead of a mounted machine gun, the tank itself fires shells.

Escort maps include:

  • Storm Blitz
  • Scorpion
  • Rising Dust
  • Casablanca
  • Black Hawk
  • White Out
  • Burning Temple


Artificial Intelligence missions (also called co-operative or co-op) pit 5 human players against computer-controlled opponents, with skill levels ranging from easy to extreme.


In Scenario missions (also called Riot), the players take on the roles of elite EU commandos.

  • Prison Break (Survival, Escape)—A riot has broken out at an POW camp built on the site of an NRF underground research facility, where the prisoners have been exposed to a biochemical agent that turns its victims into mindless berserkers. The remaining EU personnel have to fight for their lives while finding a way to evacuate.
  • Battle Gear—After destroying an advanced prototype weapon system, EU players must fight through insane “Battle gear” troops in an NRF research facility.
  • Lockdown—EU soldiers are locked in a secret underground detention facility with a legion of NRF prisoners infected by a biochemical agent.
  • Death Valley—An EU special forces unit has been dispatched to the island of Warbal, populated exclusively by ex-NRF soldiers turned berserk by a biochemical agent. Their mission is to eliminate Panfilov, the man in charge of the pirate-soldiers.

AI Demolition

  • Stone Temple—The EU has dispatched special forces in an attempt to defend their Turkish allies. Players must plant and detonate a C4 charge, and defend it from AI-controlled NRF forces.

Other demolition maps with AI variants include:

  • Aslan
  • Airplane
  • Black Scent
  • Cannon
  • Factory
  • Dual Sight
  • Fox Hunting
  • Hammer Blow
  • India
  • Radar
  • Supply


  • Windmill—A three-round mission with escalating difficulty. EU players must kill a certain number of AI soldiers within a time limit to advance, with a limited number of respawns.


In Infection missions, players face off against zombies, but every time a teammate dies, they become a zombie too! At least one member of a team must survive to win.

Infection maps are similar to their regular versions, but have different areas of operation.

  • Burning Temple
  • Dual Sight
  • Dark Chamber
  • Prison Break
  • Awaken